Why Did My Maytag Top Load Washer Stop Mid-cycle?

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January 6, 2020
Washer Repair

Most of us program our washing machine, then walk away, confident that when we return our clothes and linens will be damp–not dripping wet–and clean. If you’ve been unpleasantly surprised to find your Maytag top load washer stopped mid-cycle, full of water, first check to make sure the washer is plugged in and receiving power. If the washer has power and the lid is closed with the latch engaged, and the washer still doesn’t respond to commands from the cycle dial, try checking the lid switch. This is located inside the control panel. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and a voltage or circuit tester to access and test the lid switch. 

Locate and Test the Lid Switch

First, unplug the washer. Then remove the access panel on the back of the washer using the Phillips screwdriver. With the access panel removed, you can flip the control panel forward and see the lid switch assembly attached to the back of the cycle dial. Using the circuit tester, check each contact point in the lid switch. If you find a contact point that does not transmit, you should replace the connector that joins the lid switch to the dial. (To order a replacement connector, use your washer’s model number found in the bottom right corner inside the washer lid, on the back left side of the washer, or on the back of the control panel.) 

Replace the Lid Switch

Pop the connector out of its position and unplug the lid switch. Plug the lid switch into a replacement connector and reposition the assembly. With the lid switch back in position, replace the washer’s back panel and reconnect the power. Then test the different cycle functions (agitate, spin, and drain). If the machine still does not drain, consider hiring a repair service to determine the cause of the problem.

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