Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error F: How to Fix It

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May 4, 2022
Washer Repair

Whirlpool Cabrio washers are generally known for being reliable and long lasting. However, occasionally the washer has an issue that triggers an error code. If your Whirlpool Cabrio washer is displaying an F error code, it means a problem with the washer’s control board exists. You may be able to reset the washer and clear the error code; if not, the control board will likely need to be replaced.

If your Whirlpool error code has a number after the letter F, another issue (listed below) has occurred and needs to be addressed. Note that an F1 error code is similar to an F error code and can be fixed by following the instructions below.

What causes the Whirlpool Cabrio F error code?

A Whirlpool Cabrio F error code is usually caused by a home network voltage drop, voltage spike or a short circuit. Typically, when you have an F error code, the washer won’t work until the error code has been resolved.

How to clear the error code

An F or F1 error code is usually resolved by disconnecting the washer from the power for a minute or two. Disconnecting and reconnecting the power to the washer allows it to check for errors again and hopefully conclude that everything is working as it should.

Follow these steps to clear the error code:

  1. Unplug the washer.
  2. After two minutes, reconnect the power to the washer.
  3. If necessary, press the Start and Pause/Cancel buttons at the same time to clear the error code.

If the error code remains, you likely need to replace the control board. However, because replacing the control board can be expensive, it’s a good idea to check off the issues below and consider contacting a trained technician to confirm that the control board needs to be replaced. Also, make sure there isn’t a number other than 1 after the F. If you see any number other than 1, the washer has a different issue.

Before replacing the control board

Before replacing the washer control board, make sure the F error code is not caused by any of these issues:

  • The washer lid switch is defective.
  • The washer can’t drain.
  • The washer isn’t receiving water.
  • The washer isn’t receiving enough voltage.
  • The washer is unbalanced.

How to replace the washer control board

Once you’ve purchased a new control board, it’s relatively easy to uninstall the old one and install the new one.

Follow these steps to replace a Whirlpool Cabrio washer control board:

  1. Unplug the washer.
  2. Remove the three screws at the back of the washer’s control panel. The screws should be quarter-inch or Phillips-head screws.
  3. Once the screws have been removed, rotate the control panel forward and locate the control board.
  4. Take a picture of how the control board is connected to help with the installation of the new control board.
  5. If necessary, disconnect the control panel wiring harness so that the control panel can be moved out of the way.
  6. If the control board has wires that are secured with retaining clips, release the wires from the retaining clips.
  7. Remove the control board mounting screw.
  8. Place the new control board next to the old control board and transfer the wire connectors from the old control board to the new one.
  9. Transfer the water level pressure hose from the old control board to the new one.
  10. Remove the old control board from the washer.
  11. Position the new control board and secure it with the mounting screw.
  12. Secure the control board wires under the retaining clips.
  13. Reassemble the washer by repositioning the control panel, reinserting the screws, and reconnecting the control panel wiring harness.
  14. Reconnect the power to the washer.

The washer with the new control board should no longer be displaying the F error code.

Other Whirlpool Cabrio F Error Codes

If you have one of the error codes below, a component likely needs to be replaced to fix the issue. However, you should always try pressing the Pause and Start button together to clear the error code. If that fails, disconnect the washer from the power for two minutes.


An F2 error code means a keypad or user interface failure has occurred. A key may be stuck or the interface may need to be replaced. 


An F40 error code indicates that the washer’s ATC thermistor is open or shorted. The thermistor should be replaced to fix the issue.


An F41 error code indicates that the washer’s motor rotor position sensor (RPS) is either open or shorted. In most cases, the RSP will need to be replaced to fix the issue.


An F42 error code indicates that the washer’s heater thermistor is open or shorted. The part will likely need to be replaced to fix the issue.


An F50 error code occurs when the washer’s motor rotor position sensor (RPS) senses that a rotation occurred after a stop command. The washer’s motor and the RPS will need to be checked to determine the cause of the issue and whether a component needs to be replaced.


An F53 error code occurs when the motor module temperature is detected to be too high. Often the error code can be resolved by making sure the basket can turn freely.


An F54 error code occurs when a high current for the motor module is detected. Making sure the wash basket can turn freely may resolve the error code.


An F72 error code occurs when the washer detects that the basket has not re-engaged with the basket hub. The F72 error code is often caused by an item of clothing getting stuck under the basket, so check that nothing is stopping the basket from re-engaging with the washer’s drive hub. The F72 error code may also be triggered when the washer’s drive shaft has rust buildup. Cleaning the drive shaft often resolves the issue and clears the error code.

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