How to Clean a Dirty Front Load Washer Gasket

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February 8, 2021
Washer Repair

The gasket of the washer doesn’t seem like one of those parts that get very dirty, and yet, it is exposed to an endless torrent of moisture. Front-load washers are great appliances. They can wash your clothes using less detergent and less water, but they do have a bit of a flaw when it comes to the gasket.

As the gasket needs to be able to withstand near-constant water exposure, it is often made thickly with a groove in the center. Water often gets trapped into this groove and ideally should be drain away through a drain in the actual gasket. Yet, what often happens is that people take their clothes out of the washer and close the washer door. This traps ambient moisture right up against the gasket. The door is sealed as it would be when the wash is running. This trapped moisture doesn’t take long to turn into mold and mildew. When it starts to grow, you may notice that trademark musty smell that mold growth has. However, the biggest worry is that mold can leave your gasket feeling slimy and looking stained. If you let mold linger, those stains will be quite permanent.

The best thing you can do for your front load washer gasket keeps it as dry as possible. It is recommended to leave your washer door open at least a few hours after each use. This will give the moisture time to air dry without trapping it in there. Furthermore, you will want to make sure the drain in the gasket is clear. If you see any standing water after a wash, it is clogged. This is something that can happen frequently if you have a lot of pet hair in the home.

If mold is already growing, it can be washed away with a solution of white vinegar. If you get to it quickly, it will be fine. However, if stains are already present, you will need to replace the gasket. While this isn’t something that is terribly difficult, it is something you can call a professional for.

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