4 More Common Washing Machine Problems and What to Do About Them

Experiencing issues with your washing machine? Here are some more common issues you may face when using your washer and what to do about them.

Not Spinning

If your machine turns on but does not spin, it might be that your load is too heavy. Consider lightening your loads or getting a bigger washing machine that accommodates your needs. It can also be that the lid switch is not working properly or the door is not closed entirely. It may also be a problem with the motor belts that cause the machine to spin.


If your machine is leaking, there is a hole somewhere or something is not attached properly. Check your fill and drain hoses to make sure that they are properly attached. Also, check if they are worn out or have holes. There may also be a problem with your door; its seal may be worn out. If the problem is with your tub and its seals, then you may need a new washer.

Doesn’t Unlock

This problem is more common with front-load washers. It is possible that the lock is jammed. Another possibility is that there is some digital error in the machine which is causing it to register as if the cycle is not yet finished. Try turning the machine off and on again or running another short cycle and see if it opens after that. It’s also possible that it is not draining properly.

Smells Bad

If your washing machine smells bad, clean it out and check for mold or mildew, especially where water builds up, such as in the door seal. A bad smell can also be caused by using too much detergent.  Leave the door open after
If you can not figure out what is wrong with your machine, contact us today for professional appliance repair services.
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