Everything to Check to Troubleshoot an Ice Maker

Has your ice maker stopped making ice? Considering that is the one function of the ice maker in your freezer, you have a problem that needs to be solved. However, when this happens, there can only be so many things responsible. It is best to make a list and run down through it in order to check the working parts. If your ice maker isn’t working, here is what you will want to check.

  • Power Switch — Make sure the ice maker is actually turned on at the switch.
  • Shut Off Arm — Make sure the shut off arm is in the proper position so that the ice maker actually makes ice.
  • Water Filter — If you haven’t changed the water filter in a while, it could be clogged and prevent function.
  • Ice Paddle — Be sure the ice paddle works, turns, and is not frozen over.
  • Freezer Temperature — If your freezer is above 10 degrees F, it will still keep food frosty, but your ice maker will not be able to make ice efficiently.
  • Refrigerator Water Line — Make sure the water line connected to the refrigerator is not crimped, leaking, and is connected. No water means no ice, after all.
  • Water Valve — Make sure the water is turned on at the water valve. You may even have to test the inlet valve with a multimeter to see if it is still functioning.

As you go down the list, you will hopefully find what the problem is. However, if you have checked every likely subject, then it is more likely that the motor or other working parts have gone faulty. These can be a little more complicated to troubleshoot. However, those parts can be checked for faults with a multimeter to be concretely sure that they are at fault.

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