What to Do About a Sagging Broiler Drawer?

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April 23, 2020
Oven Repair

The oven drawer located at the bottom of your appliance is technically called the broiler drawer. It is supposed to be used to keep food warm after cooking, but most people use it just for storage. Regardless of how you use yours, if you notice that it has trouble opening, closing, or is sagging to one side, it needs to be fixed. Not only will it be an issue getting things out of it, but it just doesn’t look good when it sags.

Typically when you are having any of these problems, it is due to the drawer glide. The drawer glides installed on the back of the drawer allow it to slide out smoothly. If you are having issues opening the drawer or it is sagging, the glides have likely been damaged in same way.

In order to remove the drawer, you need to pull it out as far as it will go, and lift up to lift the drawer glide off the rails. You can then pull the drawer out. Located on the back of the drawer, the glides are held on by a singular screw. You simply need to remove the screw and pull the glides off.

Usually you will want to replace both glides just to make sure that they will be even when they go back on. Glides can wear down over time and while it may result in only a slight wobble, it is something you can easily prevent by just doing one extra step.

Once the new glides are on, you simply need to replace the drawer and keep it as even as possible as you lower it down. If the glides still don’t run smoothly, you will need to lift it and try to set it again. If that still doesn’t solve it, you will want to look to the rails for obstruction.

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