How to Replace a Frigidaire Gas Oven’s Igniter 316489400

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June 11, 2018
Oven Repair
If your gas oven isn’t heating up correctly, check the igniter. Once this part starts to malfunction it can prevent even baking. It might even stop your oven from heating up. Order replacement part #316489400 for Frigidaire gas ovens and follow these steps to replace the part.

1. Unplug the oven.

Unplugging a major appliance before beginning repairs is an important safety measure. During the course of this repair, you will be handling wires. Unplugging the oven first is absolutely essential.

2. Remove the oven door.

The igniter is located inside the oven. To gain access, lower the oven door and flip the hinge locks down. These locks are on either side of the door. Once they’re down the door is no longer held in place, so you can swing the door almost completely shut, lift it up by the sides, and pull the door free. Set it aside carefully on a cushioned or covered surface so the glass window doesn’t break.

3. Remove the bottom panel.

Take the racks out of the oven. Next, unscrew the bottom panel in the oven and set the panel aside. Then loosen the screws holding the burner shield, the next layer under the bottom panel, and also remove the shield. This gives you access to the oven’s components.

4. Remove the igniter.

Locate the igniter in the middle rear of the oven. Then loosen the screws holding the igniter to the mounting bracket. Next, disconnect the wire harness. The igniter has long wires so you will not be able to access this from the interior of the oven. Depending on your model, you will have to either access the wire harness from the back panel of the oven or the top of the bottom drawer. Once it’s disconnected, fully remove the old igniter.

5. Install the new igniter.

Thread the igniter’s wires back through to the harnesses and connect the wiring. Then attach the igniter to the mounting bracket with the screws. As you’re working, make sure there is no pressure or contact with the elements at the top and bottom of the oven.

6. Reassemble the oven.

Once the new igniter is fully installed, start putting the oven back together. First, put the burner shield back in position and reattach the screws. Then do the same with the bottom panel. Replace the oven racks.
To reinstall the oven door, carefully pick it up and slide the hinges into the sides of the oven. Lower the door fully and snap the hinge locks back in place. Make sure the door is secured and then close it.
If you have other major appliances that need repairs, go to Twin Cities Appliance Service for more tips and step-by-step procedures.
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