Exploring Craft Breweries in the Twin Cities

Minnesota is home to more than 130 craft breweries to service a state that fell in love hard with craft brews. As the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is the beating heart of the state, it should be no surprise that a number of small breweries have set up shop. If you are looking to cuddle up with an eclectic small batch beer or taste some innovation in an age-old culinary art, then you need to check out these local companies.


Two stories of craft beer? Who could say no? Not only is the huge collection of craft beer on tap a huge draw, but you should at least head to Surly’s to pay your respects. This brewery led the charge that changed Minnesota law to allow breweries to serve beer on their premise in 2011. It created the craft beer boom in Minnesota, so this is in no small part thanks to them.

Dangerous Man

As their intriguing name may suggest, the Dangerous Man is daring with their craft beers. Debuting their small batches in their tap room, you are guaranteed to try something different. Peanut butter porter, milkshake IPA, and chocolate milk stout are just some of the intriguing brews they have come up with in the past.


Some may be attracted to this brewery’s rotating guest restaurant and the novel attraction that is feather bowling, but they serve excellent craft beer as well. The raspberry sour remains a favorite of many who visit, particular in the summer when it is at its most refreshing.


This brewery is an old hand at crafting beer in Minnesota, and if you are a beer connoisseur, you have probably tried their retail creations. However, they have grown more daring with age. Essentially, their taproom has become a place to try out new and more creative recipes. If you want to try beyond their retail brews, you can head to the taproom to try their most creative concoctions.

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