Check Your Microwave – Kenmore Elite Microwaves Recalled For Burn Hazard

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February 24, 2020
Microwave Repair

Do you have a Kenmore Elite brand microwave sitting in your kitchen that is only a few years old? If so, you may need to research into whether it has been recalled or not for your safety. For this particular recall, they are only recalling units that were manufactured on April 27th, 2017. For about the 700 affected units that were sold, there was a fault in the wiring. This causes the microwave exterior to become superheated and at risk for burning appliance owners when touched.

Of course, you probably have no idea when your microwave oven was manufactured. However, the recall involves 1000-watt countertop units and can be identified by their serial number. Units affected by the recall begin with “170427”.

Furthermore, the actual model number for the affected microwaves is “204.77603610”. If your serial number and model number on the data plate on the back of your Kenmore Elite Microwave lines up, you will want to stop use immediately and make the right call.

Manufactured in China and sold exclusively at Sears, these units were sold for $350 between May 2017 and July 2018. If you have a Kenmore Elite microwave that falls under this range, you will want to contact Sears. They will help you set up a free, in-home repair to fix the issue. While there have been no injuries reported yet, a superheated exterior is a constant danger. It heats to a temperature in excess of 180 degrees which easily poses a burn hazard to people who touch it. Furthermore, since this is a countertop model, use over time risks countertop scorching due to the exterior heat.

You will definitely want to move fast on this issue so that you can get your microwave up and running again. You don’t know how much you use it daily until you can’t use it.

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