Ways You May Be Damaging Your Dishwasher


A dishwasher seems like a pretty simple appliance. However, the way you use it makes a big difference. Often, simple actions in your dishwasher can lead to premature wear, and a need for early repairs. Unfortunately, there are some very simple actions that may in fact be hurting your appliance that you don’t even realize.

Using the Wrong Detergent

The dish soap by your sink may be referred to as “dish” soap, but it doesn’t belong in your dishwasher. Pouring that liquid dish soap in is a rookie mistake, but it happens. Usually the result will be, at best, a bunch of dishes covered in residue, and, at worst, your dishwasher will be bursting with suds. Luckily, running a load of white vinegar can handle the excess suds, but continued use will lead to problems with your appliance.

Using Hard Water

There are different levels of hardness to water. Light to moderate hard water can be left untreated if you are diligent to remove limescale build up every few months. However, if you have very hard water, it needs to be treated or it will cut the lifespan of your appliance in half. Regular limescale treatments can only do so much. Forgoing them completely will see it build up in every working part of the appliance. It will eventually restrict water flow completely so that your dishes don’t get cleaned and the pressure from trying wears down the appliance.

No Surge Protection

Most dishwasher owners tend to focus on water-related issues when it comes to their dishwasher, but power is just as important. If your dishwasher does not have it, then you will want to invest in surge protection for it. This can be for the appliance alone or invested in with a whole home surge suppressor if your area is prone to power surges.

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