Top 5 Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Dishwasher Does Not Clean the Dishes

Is your dishwasher on strike, on vacation, or has it called in sick?

No matter what the reason, read on to find out if you can avoid an expensive service call and fix it yourself.
One of the most common dishwasher repair complaints that appliance repair firms receive is that the dishes are either not clean or are spotted. If you would like to know some reasons why and if there is anything that can be done about it, read on.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

The purpose of the dishwasher water inlet valve is to allow water to pour into the dishwasher tub at various times while operating. If the valve becomes clogged with mineral deposits or becomes defective for another reason the appliance will not get enough water to properly clean the dishes.
You can run a simple test to find out. Place some dirty dishes in the dishwasher racks and pour a couple of quarts of water into the bottom of the tub. Run your dishwasher. If the dishes come out clean and unspotted this should tell you that the water valve is restricted and should be replaced.
Don’t waste your time trying to clean the water inlet valve as it will not perform at an optimal level after cleaning it.

Clogged or Defective Wash Arm

Food particles can tend to clog the tiny holes located on the lower wash arm obstructing water flow.
Use a soft bristle brush or a pipe cleaner to remove food particles.

Damaged Wash Arm Support

On most models, water reaches the wash arm through a support tube. If the support tube is damaged in any way the water will not reach the water supply tube nozzle and that too will obstruct water flow.
Replace the damaged wash arm support.

Damaged Impeller

The circulation pump motor uses an impeller to force water through the wash arm. If the impeller breaks, it won’t generate enough pressure to push the water through and that will reduce the amount of water to clean your dishes.
Depending on your model, you may be able to replace the impeller without needing to buy the pump. Click here for parts information. Have your model number ready.

Faulty Circulation Pump Motor

If the pump motor does not make any noise or hums after the dishwasher has filled the motor has probably burned out and will need to be replaced.
You may need professional appliance service for a bad pump motor to confirm your diagnosis before dishing out your hard-earned cash.