How to Reset a Bosch Dishwasher (in 5 Steps)

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July 5, 2022
Dishwasher Repair

Depending on your model and the specific issue, resetting a Bosch dishwasher usually requires pressing one or a combination of buttons on the control panel or disconnecting the power to the dishwasher. Often the dishwasher needs to reset on the control panel if you’ve accidentally selected a different cycle and want to change it. Alternatively, disconnecting the power to the dishwasher is often required after a power cut or if you want to clear an error code.

Safety first

With many Bosch dishwashers, the dishwasher door must be opened to access the control panel. If you’ve started the dishwasher cycle but need to reset the dishwasher, you need to be careful that water doesn’t escape from the dishwasher. Also, the dishwasher sanitizes and cleans using very hot water, so be careful that the water doesn’t spray out and scald you.

If your Bosch dishwasher control panel is on the front of the machine, you won’t need to worry about getting scalded or water leaking out.

How to change the cycle

Often users want to reset the dishwasher because a different cycle was accidently selected. Depending on the model, you should be able to change the cycle by simply pressing the desired cycle button once or by pressing it twice. On some models, you may need to disable the current cycle by pressing that cycle’s button and then pressing the desired cycle button.

If you’re unable to change the cycle, perhaps because of the model or the control panel freezing, try the reset methods below.

How to reset Bosch models with Cancel Drain

If your model has Cancel Drain on the control panel, you’ll usually see an indication, like two dots, underneath certain buttons. These buttons need to be pressed to cancel and drain the dishwasher. Typically, these are the two buttons to either side of the middle button.

Follow these 5 steps to reset the dishwasher:

  1. Locate the Cancel Drain buttons.
  2. Hold both buttons down for 3–5 seconds.
  3. If the dishwasher door is open, close it while the dishwasher drains.
  4. Wait until you hear the dishwasher drain pump stop draining or for Clean to appear on the display.
  5. Turn the dishwasher off and on to complete the reset.

The Cancel Drain function allows you to start a new cycle. It may also clear a dishwasher glitch. If the method fails to fix your issue, try the methods below.

How to reset Bosch models like the Ascentra

If your Bosch dishwasher doesn’t have Cancel Drain on the control panel, it most likely needs to be reset by holding the Start button for 3–5 seconds. Depending on the model, the start button may even be labeled Start/Reset or Start/Reset 3 Seconds.

Follow these 5 steps to reset the dishwasher:

  1. Carefully open the dishwasher door so that you can access the control panel without getting sprayed with hot water.
  2. Hold down the Start button for 3–5 seconds (depending on the model, the display may change to 0:00 or the Activeindicator may turn off).
  3. Close the dishwasher door to allow the dishwasher to drain.
  4. After the dishwasher has finished draining, open the door to access the control panel.
  5. Turn the dishwasher off and then on by pressing the On/Off or Power button.

The dishwasher control panel should now be unlocked and the dishwasher reset.

What does 0:00 or 0:01 mean?

Typically, if your Bosch dishwasher display has a digital clock that reads 0:00, the dishwasher door needs to be closed until the clock changes to 0:01. When the clock reads 0:01, the dishwasher can be turned off and on to complete the reset.

Once the dishwasher has been turned off and on, the clock should reset to the time it takes to complete the selected cycle.

If the reset instructions aren’t working, disconnecting the power to the dishwasher should clear 0:00 or 0:01 on the display.

Resetting the dishwasher by disconnecting the power

If you’re unable to reset the dishwasher with the control panel, disconnect the power by unplugging the dishwasher or turning off the circuit breaker. Disconnecting the power allows the electrical charge to dissipate and the control board to reset.

Often the power will need to be disconnected after a power outage or to clear an error code.

Follow these 4 steps to reset the dishwasher:

  1. If possible, turn the dishwasher off on the control panel.
  2. Unplug the dishwasher or turn the breaker off.
  3. Wait 2–3 minutes before reconnecting the power.
  4. Turn the dishwasher on and check if it has reset.

Resolving error codes

Disconnecting the power often clears an error code. However, just because you clear the error code doesn’t mean that the dishwasher is fixed. Unless it was a power outage issue, often the error code will return.

It’s important to identify what the error code means and to fix the issue. For instance, if it’s a leaking or heating issue, you’re risking a flood or fire by ignoring the error code. Ignoring error codes also often lead to more damage being done to the dishwasher.

Disengaging the child lock

If your issue is that the control panel isn’t responding, the dishwasher’s child lock may have been engaged. The method of disabling the child lock varies depending on the model, but it usually involves holding the lock or the > button for 3–5 seconds.

Time to call a technician?

If you’re still unable to reset the dishwasher or resolve an issue, your dishwasher’s manual should provide reset instructions. Dishwasher manuals for your specific model can be found online.

If the problem persists, it’s likely because of a control board issue that requires a Bosch technician to diagnose and repair it.

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