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Model WFW6620HC0
Near Pine Island, MN 55963
Job Details: 03/19/2021
Installed new door bellow tested unit and no leaks. Customer still has not received dispenser yet. Let him know to call if he doesnt want to install. ; saved tckt
Near Pine Island, MN 55963
Job Details: 05/23/2019
FREEZER WHIRLPOOL WZF79R20DW03 "Ms pic.when running you can hear a metallic vibrating noise. Pulled unit out onto a floor board and tested. The. Lise was the copper tubing contacting the back bottom of the cabinet. Installed an anti vibration pad between the tubing and the back of the unit, then also moved the cap tube away from other tubing. Tests. Ice and quiet now."
Near Pine Island, MN 55963
Job Details: 04/01/2019
REFRIGERATOR KITCHENAID KRMF706ESS01 When testing has e5 timed out found cooling fan running low and pulsing needs fan also ice maker stalled on me when testing ordering as well called ask customer needs Monday; ordrng 1 W10846539 (evaporator fan blade) and 1 W11294907 (ICE MAKER )
Near Pine Island, MN 55963
Job Details: 03/20/2019
DRYER WHIRLPOOL WED4850HW0 Installed new latch that was missing all ops ok ; used 1 279570 (DOOR LATCH) from stock
Near Pine Island, MN 55963
Job Details: 10/12/2018
DRYER WHIRLPOOL WED85HEFC2 "Dryer ,,,,checked dryer operation ,,,,checked control panel ..dryer not starting ...when start button is being pushed ,sometimes numbers flash ,then runs 1 min and shuts off ,.this is a new house ..and new construction around ,might be getting interference from some where ,,or bad control panel ...?ordering new panel and see if that works ,,might be interact ; ordrng 1 W11109852 (PANEL )"