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Model WEG745H0FS1
Near Harris, MN 55032
Job Details: 08/11/2021
Turned on broil. After a min the flame started to burn out the back of the burner. Ordered broiler burner.; ordrng 1 W10439242 (Broiler burner)
Near Harris, MN 55032
Job Details: 04/10/2020
DRYER WHIRLPOOL WED5620HW0 "Dryer ...checked dryer operation ,,ran dryer with load of clothes ,,after 20 mins dryer starting scrapping and banging sound ,,found drum hitting on side....took dryer top and side loose .repaired and adjusted cabinet side ,moved away a little from adjusted cabinet side and front ,,all working good now"
Near Harris, MN 55032
Job Details: 04/06/2020
DRYER WHIRLPOOL WED8500DC "Dryer ...checked dryer operation..dryer not starting ,,control beeps ,,checked and found loose wire harness on door switch tightened loose wire harness..and repaired wires on door switch ,,,dryer starting and running good ,now"
Near Harris, MN 55032
Job Details: 03/27/2020
STACKPAIR WHIRLPOOL WGT4027HW0 "Installed conversion kit, tested machine."
Near Harris, MN 55032
Job Details: 03/20/2020
STACKPAIR WHIRLPOOL WGT4027HW0 Pulled dryer from washer. Went to instaLL new sw. switch sent for job wrong part. MT had correct part on his van. Installed correct part. Please send restock part to MT. Will return wrong part in box for credit. Reassembled unit. Tested machine. Found dryer not converted to LP gas. Needs conversion kit. Conversion not covered. Tech JF dented wall. Cust will fix wall. Spoke to TK willing to cover conversion since cust fixing wall damage. Cust ok with this. Please ship LP kit to tech JF. ; ordrng 1 3392235A (lp gas con) and 1 SHIPTOTECH and 1 W11176112 (LATCH)
Harris, Minnesota
My dryer quit working! Still under warranty! Also had dryer door insulation replaced!
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