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Model KEBS278DSS8
Near Dellwood, MN 55110
Job Details: 03/17/2021
"Installed new door, tested ok"
Near Dellwood, MN 55110
Job Details: 06/18/2020
REFRIGERATOR WHIRLPOOL WRS325SDHW00 "No water coming out of dispenser and no ice being made. Cust said a plumber had been out and said there was water coming to the fridge. Pulled unit out on pad and checked valve. Got water coming out valve when dispenser actuated. Turned off old self piercing shutoff and turned back on. Now getting water out of dispenser but very slow. Cycled icemaker, got water there as well but not much. Cust needs to change out old self piercing valve for new shutoff."
Near Dellwood, MN 55110
Job Details: 04/28/2020
OVEN WHIRLPOOL KEBC208KSS02 Found unit does not bake or broil. Pulled CNTROL panel. Checked bake circuit open. Pulled unit out on dolly. Pulled rear cover. Found open read tod. Replaced tod with truck stock. Reassembled and tested machine. ; used 1 WP9759242 (THERMAL FUSE) from stock
Near Dellwood, MN 55110
Job Details: 08/08/2019
DRYER WHIRLPOOL WGD9400SW0 "Dryer making a loud squealing noise at startup, removed top and front and checked inside, rollers getting worn and idler pulley making noise. Picked up dryer kit locally and returned, installed new belt, rollers and idler and vacuumed out inside. Reassembled unit and ran, now all quiet, heating normally, drum turning smoothly. All ops good; pckd up 1 4392067 (DRYER KIT)"
Near Dellwood, MN 55110
Job Details: 06/10/2019
DRYER MAYTAG MGDX655DW2 "Dryer ...checked dryer operation ,,ran dryer and dryer noisey ,,,thumping when drum is turning ,,took dryer front off ,and checked drum .found coin stuck on front drum seal .removed coin from drum seal ,,ran and tested and all working good now ."