How to Replace Your Whirlpool Washer’s Buzzer

If your washer’s buzzer doesn’t let you know when the cycle is over, the part has probably shorted. Replace it in just a few short steps. Order replacement part WP694419 for Whirlpool washing machines, and then:

1. Unplug the washing machine and disconnect the water.

This repair involves disconnecting wiring, so it’s essential that you unplug the machine before starting. As an additional precaution, turn off both water supply lines.

2. Access the interior of the control panel.

Depending on the exact model of the machine, your procedure may involve different steps. Locate the control panel at the top of your washer. If the panel has trim around the edge, remove it carefully with a flathead screwdriver and set it aside. Loosen the front of the control panel by:
  • removing the screws holding each corner in place, or
  • using a putty knife to depress the clips securing the corners.
Once the front of the panel is loose, slide it forward and then flip it over the back of the washing machine. There is a hinge along the back edge of the machine.

3. Remove the buzzer.

Loosen the bolt holding the buzzer in place. Then disconnect the wires attached to the top of the part and set them aside in the panel. Remove the buzzer and set it aside.

4. Install the new buzzer.

Hook the part’s tab into the frame. This helps hold the part in position as you screw it into place. Tighten the screw and reconnect the wires. They should click into place in the top of the buzzer.

5. Reassemble the washing machine.

Swing the control panel over the hinge so it rests on top of the machine. If your model has snap clips, place it down with sufficient force to engage the clips. If your control panel was secured with screws, replace the screws. Next, reinsert any trim around the edge of your panel.
Then reconnect the water and plug in the washing machine.
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