How to Replace Your Frigidaire Washer’s Dispenser Drawer

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February 28, 2019
Washer Repair

The dispenser drawer in your Frigidaire washer holds the detergent, bleach, and fabric softener so the machine’s cycle can release them at the right time. But if your dispenser drawer develops a crack or no longer locks into place, it might not be able to dispense the liquids at the right time. They might also leak into the inside of the machine.

If you see cracks the next time you open the dispenser drawer or the inside of the drawer is getting sticky, replace the part. Order part #134638200 for most Frigidaire washer models. Then unplug your washing machine as a safety precaution and follow these steps to install the new part:

1. Remove the old dispenser drawer.

To start, open up the drawer as far as it can extend. Then reach inside and depress the locking tab in the rear left corner so you can completely remove it from the compartment.

Next, you need to break down the assembly to isolate the drawer. Press down the locking tabs at the front to release the frame and the handle from the drawer.

Then also press down the locking tabs to remove the conveyor from the bottom of the drawer. This part is not included in the new piece.

2. Rebuild the dispenser drawer assembly with the new part.

First, add the handle and the frame to the new drawer. To do this, tilt the top three locking tabs into their slots and then press the bottom of the frame flush against the front of the drawer.

Next, flip it upside down to attach the conveyor. Orient it so the narrow locking tabs are on the exterior edge. Slide the other edge into the middle tabs so it clicks, and then press the exterior edge into place.

After that, flip it right side up and slide the cups over the pins.

Then slide the drawer into the compartment. Press down the drawer’s locking tab and push the drawer the rest of the way in.

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