How to Replace a Damaged Outer Door Frame in Your Frigidaire Washer

Discovering your Frigidaire washer model fafw3574ka has sprung a leak is never a pleasant revelation, however, when the leak is located around the door, resolving the malfunction is a relatively easy repair. Often, damage to the outer door frame is the reason water seeps out of the front of a washing machine. A cracked frame can interfere with the washer door closing properly, thus leading to a leak. If you need to replace the outer door frame, follow the step-by-step direction provided below.

Washer Repair Safety Tips

  • Before repairing your washer, unplug the appliance and turn off its hot and cold water supply valve.
  • You should always protect your hands and eyes during an appliance repair by wearing work gloves and safety goggles.
  • If you run into an issue while fixing your washer, please stop what you’re doing and contact a professional appliance repair technician.

How to Replace the Outer Door Frame in Your Frigidaire Washer

  1. Open the washer door and remove it from your appliance by unthreading the three screws securing the door hinge to the washing machine.
  2. Place the washer door face down on a towel to ensure you don’t scratch it.
  3. Take out the screws holding the outer and inner door panels together, along with the screws securing the door strike.
  4. Lift up the inner door frame, and remove it from the door assembly. Then, take the hinge off the outer door frame
  5. Remove the washer door glass from the door.
  6. Using a flathead screwdriver, disengage the locking tabs holding the retaining ring to the outer door frame, and then lift the retaining ring off the frame.
  7. Remove the outer door cover from the outer door frame.
  8. Replace the old outer door frame with the new door frame. Then, lay the outer door cover inside the outer door frame. Make sure the notches on the cover line up with the notches on the frame.
  9. Align the notches on the retaining ring with the notches on the door frame and the door cover. Snap the retaining ring into place by pushing down on it.
  10. Reinstall the door glass by lining up the tabs on the glass with the notches on the retaining ring.
  11. Replace the door hinge by setting it down on its mounting tabs.
  12. Grab the inner door frame and lay it on top of the outer door frame assembly. Reattach the inner frame to the outer frame by replacing the screws that hold them together. Then, reinstall the door strike.
  13. Finish up your repair by reinstalling the washer door.

If your washing machine is leaking and a broken door isn’t the cause, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to diagnose and repair your washer’s malfunction.

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