How to Repair a Frozen Ice Maker Supply Line

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September 9, 2019
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If the ice maker in your refrigerator is no longer making ice or is turning out smaller than normal ice cubes, your problem could be that the water supply line to the ice maker is frozen up. This can happen if you keep your freezer colder than the recommended zero degrees Fahrenheit or if there are a number of cold items around it.

Luckily, a frozen water supply line is both easy to fix and easy to prevent from happening again. First, you need to turn off your freezer, so have a cooler or other cold place prepared for all your frozen food to keep it cold. You will also want to remove as much built-up ice or frost as possible.

Once done, remove your ice maker bin and loosen the two bracket screws securing your ice maker to the freezer. You will then need to reach back and loosen the wire harness so you can fully remove the ice maker. You will now have access to the supply hose. The fix here is actually just to aim a hairdryer at it on the low setting. This is why you want as much frost removed from the freezer as you do not want water to come into contact with the hairdryer.

Once the water supply hose is thawed, it is fixed. Now you need to make sure it doesn’t happen again. When you turn on your freezer, make sure it is set to the proper temperature. You will also want to keep cold food from the area. If you notice ice or frost build-up, you may want to investigate the line for a leak or check to make sure your defrost is functioning properly. The line can freeze up on occasion, but it shouldn’t be happening often unless there is another problem.

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