How to Level A Washing Machine

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June 13, 2019
Washer Repair

If your washing machine is constantly going out of balance, creating loud noise and excessive vibration, a cause may be that the machine itself is not level. Just a slightly not level machine can be a detriment to the inner workings, but this is an easy fix.

Checking a Washing Machine For Level

These symptoms can be caused by other issues, so before you go about leveling a washing machine, you need to check if it is actually level. To do this, break out your bubble level and check for level by placing it side to side, then by checking front to back. Be sure to mark the areas that are not level. This will help you know which areas to start with.

How to Level A Washing Machine

Washing machines are leveled through the small, often unnoticed feet on the bottom of the machine. However, before you can adjust the feet, you may need to loosen a locking nut. Each foot on the washer could have one, you will only want to loosen the nut of the foot you are seeking to adjust at the time.

Keep in mind when adjusting your washer’s level is that it will be less likely to vibrate the lower it is to the ground, so you want it to be as low as possible, but still level. It is recommended that the legs are all the way in and you only lengthen the leg that is not level.

You may also want to consult your washing machine to see if it has any self-leveling functionality. Many washers have self-leveling rear legs, but not all of them do. You will want to look up this feature in your owner’s manual to decide how best to proceed.After you have found a level adjustment, be sure to secure the locking nuts. If you do not, you will constantly have to make readjustment.

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