Why Is My Refrigerator Making Noise After Replacing the Water Filter?

If you have recently changed your water filter in your refrigerator and now find it is making odd noises when you run the water, you may think you have done something wrong. This may or may not actually be true. Regardless, as with any problem that makes a noise, you want that noise to stop, but in this case, it may not mean that something is actually broken.

Your first course of action is to continue running water through the dispenser first to ensure that it’s not a pocket of air in the water lines making the noise. If the noise continues, unscrew the water filter. You will want to make sure there is no obstruction in the area where the filter meets the housing, as well as all seals, are intact. If you are using a different filter than usual, this may be the cause of the noise as well. The filter may not be compatible with your refrigerator and you may want to consider replacing it.

If the filter checks out, your next suspect should be air in the water lines. This can happen sometimes, but it will work itself out. You simply need to keep using the water functions. You may also get some sputtering of water if this is the case.

Finally, it could also be a problem with the water inlet valve. You will be able to pinpoint the noise coming from the back of your refrigerator in this case. While you can check the water inlet valve for blockages, you will likely need to replace it if you cannot find any.

You may want to contact a professional appliance repair technician to make this replacement. If replacing the water inlet valve doesn’t work, you will also need a professional hand to track down any other causes. These are the three most likely causes, but an appliance service technician can help you track down some of the more obscure causes that manifest noise in your refrigerator.

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