What to Watch For If You Have an Old Refrigerator


A refrigerator has the average lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, though many end up lasting much longer. Once your refrigerator gets to that 15-year mark, it doesn’t just up and stop working on you. Instead, what it means is that you need to start paying more attention to it so you can spot potential problems. If you watch out for signs of problems, you can make a repair to keep it going or know that you need to start planning to make a replacement. So if your refrigerator is getting up there in years, what should you look out for?

A Hot Kitchen

In order to cool the interior, your refrigerator will dispel heat into your kitchen. Over time, its function may become less efficient and you may notice that the area around your refrigerator is getting warmer. Of course, this can be caused by other appliances as well, like the oven.

Warm Interior

If your refrigerator is struggling to keep food cool, then it is failing in its primary function. The longer you ignore these warming temperatures, the worse it will get.

Ice and Frozen Food

Many appliance owners worry about a warm refrigerator, but the opposite is also a problem. If your refrigerator is routinely freezing your food in the fresh food section without cause, then it is an issue. Furthermore, if you notice ice build up in the freezer section, then this is also a symptom of a problem as well.

Excessive Noise

When your refrigerator is on its way out, you will hear it. Many appliances do not go quietly. They hum, groan, rattle, and clatter their way there. If you can hear your refrigerator intrusively in your kitchen or even in the other room, then it is time to get it checked out.

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