How to Replace Your Samsung Freezer Handle’s End Cap If It’s Damaged or Missing

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November 5, 2018
Refrigerator Repair
Your refrigerator and freezer doors have to handle a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes this can damage the end caps of the handle. If your Samsung refrigerator’s freezer has a missing end cap, you can replace it yourself. Order part #DA67-02787A and follow these quick steps to install it.

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

Before you start any repairs, always unplug the appliance first. This keeps you and the surrounding area safe.

2. Remove the freezer door handle.

Locate the screw underneath the right end of the handle and remove it to loosen the handle.
Next, pull the right side of the handle off of the mounting pin. Slide the handle to the right until you hear it click free, then pull the whole part off and set it aside. If it won’t pull free, open the freezer section and rotate the freezer handle counterclockwise. Then tilt it towards the refrigerator to unlock it from any other tabs or obstructions.

3. Replace the end cap.

Remove the support inside the handle by removing the screw that holds the support against the inside of the handle. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the end cap off of the white support.
Press the new part into position and snap it against the tabs in the support.

4. Reattach the freezer door handle.

Slide the handle support into the handle and then tighten the screw that holds it against the inside of the handle.
Put the handle back on the door by lining up the left side first. Press the left side against the door’s post as you hold the handle vertically. Push down to lock it in place. Then carefully rotate the handle to the right. Click the right side of the handle in place against the mounting pin.
After that, tighten the screw on the underside of the handle to secure it.
For more quick and easy repair guides, go to Twin Cities Appliance here. We also have professional technicians who can help.
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