3 More Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Ice Maker is not Working

Is your ice maker still coughing up a poor excuse for an ice cube that melts in your hand and not in your favorite beverage?

Follow along and see if any of the following tips solve your ice maker problem. And remember, if you can’t do it, professional help is a click away!

Frozen Water Supply Tube

Hey, now here’s something that you might be wondering why we didn’t check it first. But remember we are trying to move from the most common to the least common causes that your ice maker is malfunctioning.
The water supply tube, the last path for the water to travel before splashing into your ice maker tray, might have become frozen. In this case, you would be lucky to get any ice cubes at all. This is an easy fix.
Simply thaw out the supply tube with a hair dryer, however, understand that a frozen supply tube is usually caused by a lack of water pressure, as noted in the previous troubleshooter. It could also indicate a defective water inlet valve. So, there it is again, the water inlet valve seems to be the culprit in nearly every instance that we have covered so far but we have two more troubleshooters to look at, neither of which is likely but have been known to be the cause of an ice maker not making ice cubes.

Faulty Door Switch

When the refrigerator door is open, the door switch disables the ice dispenser from pushing ice cubes into the ice holding bucket. A faulty door switch will prevent the dispenser from working even when the door is closed.
Use a multimeter to test the switch for continuity to determine if the part has failed or not.

Malfunctioning Ice Maker Assembly

If might be possible that one of the parts of the ice maker is failing to function properly. Since ice maker parts are not readily or even usually available for most models, you will need to replace the ice maker assembly.
If you have gone through each of these troubleshooting tips and guides and still haven’t found anything that seems to be causing the ice maker from working the way it should try replacing the water inlet valve or the ice maker assembly. Short of that, it may be that you really do need the assistance of a qualified professional appliance repair person.