3 Common Refrigerator Problems and What To Do About Them

Having a working fridge is important so that your food stays fresh and you stay healthy. Here are some common refrigerator problems and what to do about them.

Fridge Not Cooling

The first thing you should check is your condenser coils. If they are dirty and air can’t get through, your fridge will be warm. You should also check your condenser fan and make sure that it is not obstructed by obstacles and that its motor is working. You should check the evaporator fan motor as well. Of course, it’s possible that your thermostat is simply broken, in which case you need to replace it. Other causes may be that the vents in the back of your fridge or freezer are blocked, thus not allowing air to circulate, or that your power supply is insufficient to keep your fridge running properly.

Fridge Too Cool

If the fridge is so cold that it is acting like a freezer or coating all of your food with a layer of frost, you likely have a problem with your thermostat. Either the thermostat is sending the wrong signals to your fridge or it is determining your fridge as warmer than it really is. The control board may also be faulty.

Fridge Is Leaking

This can be caused by cracks and leaks in a number of parts of your fridge. It may be that your defrost drain is frozen over or clogged, leading to water overflowing. Other causes can be cracks in the drain pan or in the water filter (it can also be caused if some parts aren’t properly attached). It may have to do with the plumbing leading to the fridge as well. Make sure everything is securely attached.
All of the above problems are best addressed by a professional. Contact us today for help.
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