How to Repair a Broken Igniter in Your GE JGBP30WEA5WW

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April 16, 2018
Oven Repair
If your GE stove (Model number: JGBP30WEA5WW) is not producing heat due to a broken oven igniter, you can fix it yourself by following these steps:
You will need an A/C voltage sensor, wire strippers, and a ¼ nut driver to complete this repair.
First, remove the oven door by lifting straight up and pulling it off. Next, remove the oven racks. To remove the bottom plate, remove the thumbscrews either with your fingers or a flathead screwdriver. Then lift it up and slide straight it out.
Once the plate is removed, you will see the venturi tube and igniter with wires at the rear. Using your A/C voltage tester, check to make sure that the computer does not have a stuck relay constantly sending power to the igniter, which could burn it out.
Now turn the oven on and make sure the computer is sending power through to the igniter. Once you know you have power going through the igniter, watch to see if the igniter is completely unable to come on, or if it is too weak to trigger the gas valve.
To replace the igniter, unscrew the screw at the front of the venturi tube by turning the screwdriver counterclockwise. Then reach underneath the oven with your screwdriver to remove the other screws (again, turning the screwdriver counterclockwise). Once the screws are removed, remove the tube. The wiring will also come out with it.
To take the igniter off the burner tube, remove the two screws holding it in place (again, with a counterclockwise motion).
Now cut the wires off your old igniter, and take your replacement igniter and cut off the head, then strip back the wires. Now strip off the wires of your old igniter and connect one of the old wires
to one of the new wires on the igniter, and use a ceramic or porcelain wire nut (not a plastic nut, which could melt and damage the wires) to attach the wires and complete the circuit.
To remount your igniter to the tube, match the screw holes properly and screw it back down.
Feed the tube back into the stove, making sure the gas valve goes inside the hole at the bottom of the tube and that the wires are also fed in properly by going underneath the stove and pulling everything through.
Re-secure the burner tube by turning the screwdriver clockwise, then turn on the oven and check to make sure that the igniter is working properly. Then turn the oven off again to reassemble the rest of the oven, placing the bottom plate in first, reinstalling the two screws you took out previously, and then replacing your oven racks and finally the oven door.
Now your repair is completed!
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