How to Replace the Light Bulb in an Oven

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December 6, 2019
Oven Repair

The oven light seems like an inconsequential part, but it plays a pretty important role. You will find out just how important it is when it goes out. When there is not a light present in your oven, your primary difficulty will be seeing how done your food looks. You will need to keep the oven door open longer to maneuver your dish so you can check on how golden brown it has become. This means more heat escapes and the food takes longer to cook. Furthermore, the oven light also lets you know if things are wrong, such as if the door is ajar. However, if the oven light has gone out, it is easy enough to replace if you have the time and the proper replacement.

It is important that before replacing the light in your oven, you must obtain the proper replacement bulb. You will want to consult your owner’s manual or Google your model number to ascertain what wattage you will need before you can replace it. Using the wrong bulb will either result in it not fitting in the socket or it burning out again very quickly.

To replace the light bulb in your oven, it doesn’t require much disassembly. You will want to locate the where the light in your oven is. Then you will likely need to remove your oven racks to access the area. The bulb will be covered with a glass cover that will twist off counterclockwise. Once the glass cover is removed, you will now be able to unscrew the light bulb and replace it.

Before replacing the glass cover over the light bulb, now would be a really good chance to give it a good cleaning. If it is particularly dirty, you may want to consider cleaning the rest of your oven as well.

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