How to Replace a Thermal Fuse in a Wall Oven

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June 24, 2019
Oven Repair

The thermal fuse in your oven, similar the one in your dryer, is put in place to keep you safe. If the oven grows too hot, the thermal fuse will trip. Once done, the flow of power is interrupted and your oven will not longer heat. Most often, the self-cleaning cycle of your oven may actually trip this thermal fuse. The oven cleans itself by running at a high temperature in order to burn away dirt in an oven, and this can trip the thermal fuse.

In some models, there may be a button in the circuit breaker that will reset a thermal fuse that has been tripped. However, some oven models still require that the fuse is replaced each time it is tripped. If you have a wall mounted oven, unfortunately, this will require removing the oven from the alcove in order to do.

This process can vary by model and we discuss a comprehensive approach to cover the average wall oven design.

Changing a Thermal Fuse in a Wall Oven

Before beginning, you will want to cut power to the oven through your circuit breaker. You will also want to have another person’s help to remove the oven as well as a table in front of the oven.

Start by removing the mounting screws on the outer edge of your oven that secures it to the cabinet. Sliding the oven forward, you will be able to reach around and disconnect the power supply wiring from the oven. While you will typically have enough slack here to do this, be careful not to yank the oven too hard so as to damage this crucial wiring.

Now enlisting the help of another, you should both carry the oven out and set it gently on your table or other workspaces. You will want to place it so you have easy access to the back panel of the oven.

Removing the screws on the back panel, take it off and set it aside. Once off, you will be able to see the thermal fuse clearly by the wiring attached to it. There is surprisingly little back here, so it is hard to miss.

Disconnecting the wires from the old thermal fuse and removing the mounting screws, you can now remove and dispose of it. After aligning the new fuse, attach the wires, remount it, and you can now reassemble and install your oven.

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