How to Replace a Broken Glass Cooktop

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November 30, 2020
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All it takes is one dropped jar or even a heavy pot put down too roughly. Suddenly you are looking at a jarring crack in the glass cooktop that has served you well all these years. It is generally not advisable to keep using a cracked glass cooktop. With the integrity of the glass compromised, you put yourself at risk for a nasty electrical shock. As such, when the glass is cracked, then you need put a priority on replacing it right away.

When it comes to replacing the glass for a cooktop, the process is actually quite simple. However, you do need to know that the process can differ depending on whether you own a range or a installed cooktop. In truth, installing a new cooktop on a range is actually simpler than a cooktop.

Replacing a Glass Cooktop on a Range

If you have a range with a glass cooktop, the directions are pretty simple.

  • The cooktop will be secured by screws on the front of the range.
  • Lifting the old glass cooktop up, disconnect the wires before fully removing the damaged glass.
  • When placing the new glass cooktop, you will want to make sure it is inserted properly before connecting the wires. Be careful not to catch any corners and chip them.

Replacing a Glass Cooktop in a Cabinet

Replacing broken glass on a cabinet cooktop is generally more difficult because it needs to be taken out of the cabinet.

  • Opening the cabinet, you will find the cooktop secure by small brackets. Remove them.
  • Removing the old glass can be difficult, but once the wiring is removed, you will want to gently remove it from the alcove.
  • Like with a range, positioning of the new cooktop is important before reattaching the wires.

After each new installation, be sure to test the cooktop to make sure it heats and you do not smell any unexpected burning.

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