Display Panel Not Working and Door Not Opening After Oven’s Self-Clean

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July 23, 2020
Oven Repair

The self-clean function on your oven is a problematic feature. It seems very handy for oven owners that dislike scrubbing, but it also causes more problems than it solves. If you have recently ran the self-clean on your oven, you may be experiencing some of these problems already. You may have ran the cycle and found that now not only is your oven still locked, but the display panel is now blank as well.

If this is happening, the door won’t open because it is still locked from the self-clean. The oven door locks during this period because it produces such a high heat that opening the door would be unsafe. It keeps the door locked to protect everyone. Unfortunately, it is the same high heat that burns away food that can cause damage to the oven.

This is a generalized approach to solve this issue and steps can vary based on the brand and model of your range.

Ultimately, this issue will be solved in the back of your oven. You will need to remove the screws that secure the back panel so it can be removed. Once done, you will want to inspect the wiring in the back. This is where problems are likely to occur. The back of your oven and the electrical components within are all insulated against the heat coming off the inside of the oven. Unfortunately, that insulation is far from perfect. It can let heat through that will melt the protective coating on the wiring and harm some of the electronics.

If you do not notice any melted wiring, you will next want to move onto the high limit thermostat. This part is designed to cut power if the area behind the oven gets too hot, something that often happens during self-clean. It helped prevent fire and damage, but you will need to install a new one once it has been tripped. Until then, there will be no power to the display and no power to unlock the oven door.

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