Go Fly a Kite This Winter at the Minneapolis Kite Festival

When you think of kite flying weather, you think of beautiful green rolling hills and swift spring breezes, right? Well, it turns out that winter breezes are a lot better for getting your kite in the air, which is why the Minneapolis Kite Festival is held in January. Once Lake Harriet freezes over, kite flyers take over the ice to add a little color to the city’s endless sprawling snowscape.

Held near the end of January, on the 25th in 2020, the Minneapolis Kite Festival is free to all to come and enjoy if they don’t mind standing around on a blustery lake in the middle of a Minnesotan winter. Located on the north end of the lake by the bandshell, you can watch the Minnesota Kite Society show off their superb maneuvering skills throughout the day. Of course, they also offer up their expertise for anyone that wants to practice and level up their kite flying game.

Alongside being able to fly kites and watch kites of all colors, shapes, and themes fly, there will be activities for the whole family. If you have had your kite fun, try snowshoeing, ice fishing, fat bike riding or warm up your hands around the marshmallow roast. All in all, it is a revelry of beloved winter activities while featuring one we more often think of as a spring time activity. Don’t worry about hauling the little ones out on a cold day as well, heated tents are provided for those that need a quick warm-up if the weather is particularly Minnesotan that day.

Be sure to arrive early. The parking lot nearby is available for use free of charge, but it does tend to fill up quickly. Street parking is also free, but you may be in for a very long walk.

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