5 urban waterfalls in Minneapolis – St. Paul

Love waterfalls? Minnesota and its surrounding cities have many urban waterfalls for you to check out.  Here are five to start with:

Minnehaha Falls: Minnehaha Falls is one of the most well-known waterfalls in Minneapolis.  Located in Minnehaha Park, one of the oldest parks in the state, Minnehaha Park’s main attraction is a 53-foot waterfall.  The waterfall is in the middle of the park and can be viewed from all sides.  In addition to the waterfall, there are walking paths, public gardens, and even volleyball and disc golf courses.   

St. Anthony Falls: Another famous landmark in downtown Minneapolis, St. Anthony Falls is the only natural waterfall on the Mississippi River.  Unlike many other waterfalls in Minnesota, St. Anthony Falls is located in an urban setting.  View the falls from the nearby Stone Arch Bridge, or observe it while exploring the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail.  In addition to the falls, visitors can check out nearby historical sites and parks or enjoy local restaurants and shops.

Vermillion Falls: Located in nearby Hastings, Vermillion Falls Park is a hidden treasure.  Just minutes away from several major roads, a short hike takes visitors away from urban life and to a roaring waterfall.  There are several different viewing platforms to observe the falls and nearby trails to explore.

Hidden Falls: Located in St. Paul right off the Mississippi River, Hidden Falls Regional Park contains nearly 7 miles of trails along with picnic areas, a boat launch, and places to fish.  The falls are located on an unmarked pathway but surrounded by beautiful scenery. 

Shadow Falls: Also located in St. Paul and near the Mississippi River, Shadow Falls Park is another park that lets you quickly escape the city.  The falls are located in the middle of the park, which also offers a view of the Mississippi River.   

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