3 Absolutely Odd Things to Do in Minneapolis

If you have lived in a city for a while, you get to see all the things that you absolutely must-see. However, any tourist can see those given enough aimless days in the city. The true benefit of living in an area is you can experience the wonderfully weird things it has to offer.

Orfield Labs Quiet Chamber

Some people – especially parents – crave a moment of quiet, but the quiet chamber in Orfield Labs takes it to the extreme. It is so quiet, it can drive people insane. In order to visit, you need to book a tour and stays inside the room are short and supervised. Most people who go in only last about half the allotted time before they want out.

Herbivorous Butcher

At a glance, this looks like any butcher. They have meatballs, salami, chorizo, and a collection of cheeses. The twist is that all of it is vegan. There is not an animal product in the place, but the taste is top tier. Even if you aren’t dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, it is still a pretty interesting adventure.

Elf Door in Demings Height Park

A stroll through Demings Height Park with the family is pleasant enough on a seasonable day, but it can also be used to instill a bit of whimsy in the young ones. If you know where to look, that is. Inside the park, there is a little handmade door installed in the base of an old tree, tucked away and not always easy to find. The hinges are oiled and the doorstep is always cleanly swept of debris.

It opens, too! It opens to a little elf hoarder house. Inside is a little hollow full of treasures that were taken by elves. In reality, they were left by visitors, so feel free to leave some memento of your own.

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