What to Check When a Dishwasher Stops Mid-Cycle


One of the most frustrating problems a dishwasher can have is when it starts up just fine but then shuts off. This can mean it runs for just a few seconds or maybe just stops in a later cycle. Regardless, it leaves you with dirty dishes and a problem to fix.

One of the keys to solving this problem is to figure out just when it is stopping. The time in which the dishwasher stops can often be a solid indicator of what to check.

What If It Stops After a Few Seconds?

If your dishwasher runs for only a few seconds, you will likely what to start checking the solenoid or water inlet valve. If the dishwasher cannot fill with water, it will just shut off instead of move onto the next cycle.

If that checks out, you will also want to see if the circuit breaker is tripped. While a circuit breaker can trip during any portion of the wash cycle, if it trips at the beginning, it can mean something is using a dangerous amount of electricity.

Finally, you will want to check for a broken door latch. If the door on your dishwasher does not latch properly or is misreading if it is latched, then the dishwasher will not run to prevent leaks.

What If It Stops After a Different Cycle?

If your dishwasher stops on a whole different cycle, what you need to worry about is overheating. If a dishwasher overheats, it may trip the breaker or the hi-limit thermostat. When this happens, then you will want a professional to look into the reason for your own safety.

This issue is also a possibility if the drain motor has stopped working, though it is not so much stopping the cycle as just not running it. If the drain motor can’t drain water, then it looks a lot like the dishwasher just stopped.

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