How to Replace Your Bosch Dishwasher’s Drain Hose Connector to Stop Leaks Under the Sink

The drain hose connector connects the drain hose to the air gap or garbage disposal under the sink. If it cracks, wastewater will start to leak under your sink. Repair the problem as soon as possible by ordering a replacement drain hose connector, which is part #00088403 for Bosch dishwashers, and follow these quick steps.

1. Unplug your dishwasher.

Before you start any appliance repairs, regardless of the appliance, it’s important to unplug it or flip the appliance’s circuit breaker. This keeps you safe from a potential electrical injury, especially when you’re near water. Make sure the plug is elevated or pushed safely out of the way.

2. Disconnect the drain hose from the air gap or garbage disposal.

Set down a towel under your garbage disposal or wherever the drain hose is connected. There may be a bit of water in the drain hose that you don’t want spilling onto the floor of the cabinet. Then start to disconnect the drain hose.

To do this, first move the clamp off of the end of the drain hose. Use a pair of pliers to compress the end and then slide it to the middle of the drain hose connector. Then pull the end of the drain hose free and set it on the towel.

After that, compress and shift the second clamp off of the end near the garbage disposal or air gap towards the middle of the drain hose connector. Pull the drain hose connector (with the clamps) off and set it aside.

3. Replace the drain hose connector.

Before you install the new connector, center the clamps to get them out of the way. If your part doesn’t come with new clamps, you can reuse the ones from the old part.

Next, connect one end of the drain hose connector to the garbage disposal’s connection port or the air gap. Fit it snugly over the port. Then pry down clamp to loosen it and then wrap it around the port end. After that, run the drain hose end into the other side of the drain hose connector. Shift the clamp down over the end of the drain hose. Then you can remove the towel and plug the machine back in.

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