What Causes an Oven to Overheat?

When it comes to oven problems, in most cases the problem you will run into is that either an oven is not hot enough or there are spots that are hotter than others. However, there is a more rare occasion in which your oven can be getting too hot. This means your food can become overcooked by the time you should be taking it out. This results in frustrating timing issues and even badly burned food. It can be something you can solve by just watching your food more closely, but it also needs to be fixed eventually. If your oven is having an overheating issue, here is what you need to check.

The Thermostat or Sensor Probe

The thermostat regulates temperature in your oven. Usually, the problem is that it doesn’t sense that the heat is too low and doesn’t activate the heating element. However, the opposite can be true as well when it malfunctions. The thermometer doesn’t sense that the set temperature is met, and thus doesn’t turn off the heating element.

The Heating Element

It is not always the thermostat that is to blame. Instead, the heating element could not be receiving the proper signals to shut off during the cooking process. In this case, you may need to replace that heating element.

The Oven Ignitor

Like the heating element but for gas ovens. Oven ignitors can get weak or break altogether.

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